We are not alone

I always wondered why the German Bundeswehr needed thousands of VW type 181s.  Honestly, you don't want to go to war in these cars. They offer no protection, have very limited off-road capabilities, have little space capacity and aren't really fast.  So not usefull on the farthest-most forward positions.  But at the rear they could be useful, as personnel transporter or courier. Nowadays these type of cars aren't used anymore in the modern armies, but in the sixties and seventies these vehicles were used in many European armies. And Volkswagen was not alone with their type 181!   


DKW munga.JPG

DKW Munga (West Germany)



fiat jungla.JPG

FIAT  Jungla Savio (Italy)



citroen méhari.JPG

CITROEN Méhari (France)




DAF YA-66  (the Netherlands)



Trabant p601.JPG

TRABANT P601 (East Germany)

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