A must have

Now for sale on Ebay:  a parts list, with exploded views, all the parts numbers, options, available color codes,...

The list is from 1970 and an update from 1972 was added.   This is only the third book I have encountered in all those years I am searching among 181 collectors and the internet.  Be quick... if you are interested!181 parts list.JPG























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The first

Got this press release picture in my mailbox today, straight from Italy.  It shows the first 181 aka the prototype.  It is dated august 69 on the back.   It shows some features that later production models didn't have: 1 rib under the doors, no stamped out base for the VW logo, 7 vents for the air intake, ...   but one feature is very specific for the first 181: the doors with sharp corners.  And that car does look good with black rims and chromed hubcaps.


If someone could give an explanation what that strange thing above the front fender could be, shout!


prototyp 181f.jpg




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Rauls safari

The yankees allready knew it in '73:  "it can be anything!"    And so is this mexican ride: a safari-model with some military accessories from a Bundeswehr 181  and some WW2 decals.  And a set of BRMs to finish it off!  The car may have an identity crisis... at least the driver has a great ride.



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Acapulco seating

Somebody is selling a shiny Acapulco interior: 2 front seats, a complete back seat, a cushion for the "third bench" and a top cover!  According to the owner this set has never been used...  so NOS!   

acapulco interior.JPG

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