Out of duty.

We already knew that there were some vw181 serving in the Greece Navy.  Retired and lined up are they now...


grieks 181.JPG


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A border patrol car is keeping an eye on those incomming airplanes.  I hope he kept some distance...


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As most of you already know, the military version of the 181 has headlight protection bars mounted on the front.  These bars also had an extra tube for placing flags.  In an old post I already explained the meaning of these colored signal flags (red, blue, green and yellow) when driving in convoy.  On Ebay I saw a very special flag for sale: the commanders flag.  Instead of a plain textile flag, these commander flags were in metal.


And it does look nice on a 181.


command 181.JPG

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FM 709

This must be the greatest 181 model ever!  From FM (Germany), only 7 are made.  Scale is 1/18, nice and large.  But the details are amazing: removable top, windows, doors... Every door or hood has a little locking mechanism.   Steering wheel works nice and all seats are foldable. And top of the bill: the car can move because of a little winding up motor.

Afbeelding 313.jpg

Afbeelding 308.jpgAfbeelding 309.jpgAfbeelding 310.jpgAfbeelding 311.jpgAfbeelding 312.jpg


Afbeelding 307.jpg

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Changing mood... change the car.

This good looking Acapulo is for sale and it comes with a variety of tops:  the surey (original Acapulco), the standard VW (although this one looks to be an after market one) and the bikini top (after market or self made).

A shame they used the US dealer "Thing" striping together with the Acapulco colors.  You never should mix those two themes... but hey, it wouldn't bother me that much if they put that car on my drive way.


acapulco 1.JPG

acapulco 2.JPGacapulco 3.JPGacapulco 4.JPGacapulco 5.JPG

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