Matchbox goes classic

New on the shelfs: the orange matchbox with a retro Lesney box. A bow which reminds us of the original matchbox cars from ages ago.matchbox lesney

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Superbe Nice very nice, la chasse est ouverte.

Gepost door: Tof | 30-01-10

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Bonne chasse! ;-)

Gepost door: doc*181 | 30-01-10

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I want one! :D

I guess this Thing will never ever come in Indonesian market, I wonder where I could get one of these Things...

Gepost door: agan | 31-01-10

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Those were the days Doc. When I was young and beautiful.
And now there comin' back.

Gepost door: ovalproductions | 05-02-10

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Yes, I have got this thing, very happy.

Gepost door: Tof | 01-03-10

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