VW Camat

181 kits were sent around the world. Almost 6.000 of those kits were assembled in Indonesia where they were called Camat and mostly used by the local authorities. Now these cars are retired, and have become public fun objects! Damn sweet right hand driven 181s!camat

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Birds view

A nice view from above. Most of these cars seems to be (ex) service vehicles (military, THW or Zivilschutz), easily recognized by those headlights protection bars.One of them has even a Danish army rack.181groep

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Greetings from playas de San Agustin, Gran Canaria!playas de san agustin

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Wheel block

I think it's time to clear things out. On Ebay I often see those unique VW 181 wheel blocks for sale. And often those are not VW 181 wheel blocks but Iltis/Bombardier blocks. So a picture of both: on the top a wrong one, in the bottom picture correct VW 181 blocks. These have a VW logo stamped in and a parts number that starts with 181... wielblok

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available m-codes in 1969

Not much... the M63 military conversion and the M220 Limited slip differentialm-code

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181 collection

I don't think I have posted a overview of my toy collection on my blog... here by: From ALSI to Wiking.afbeelding266afbeelding267afbeelding268nafbeelding269afbeelding270

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