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I found these while getting ready to move. Two locks, standard Bundeswehr stuff, that could be used to lock the storage compartment in the front.If someone should be interested in a set of these, give me a yell. They are for sale.Afbeelding 235

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Very cool! I seem to recall seeing some of those locks with little chains on them to keep the lock itself from disappearing.

The pdf copy of TDv 2310/001-12 that I have doesn't seem to have that page. :-(

Gepost door: Zeke | 12-09-09

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hi Zeke,
You are correct about that chain. If have a third lock that I use in my 181 and that lock has the chain and a little hook to attach it to the car.

In the June 1973 edition of that TDv it is on page 42.

Gepost door: doc*181 | 12-09-09

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I only have the Februar 1983 edition (in pdf format). Interestingly enough the pictures in the 1983 version are all on the right sides of the pages with the text on the left, while the page you show there has the picture on the left and the text on the right. I should work on getting my hands on real paper copies one of these days...

Gepost door: Zeke | 13-09-09

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