strange rib

Found this picture on the internet. Probably a very early 181 is shown here, maybe on the 1969 Frankfurt car exposition, where the VW 181 was introduced at the audience? Notice the shortened rib above the fender, on the front quarter. Same lenght as on the prototype series.04Thing-424x282

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Noch (1:220)

I have a large collection of those Noch models... they don't take much place. Today i found this nice blister. A small but complete scenery, never saw it before!Noch5noch vw181

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First Troop 112th Rocket Artillery Battalion "Delmenhorst"

These kind of pictures are rare. It is difficult to find one featering a vw 181 in service. The picture is dated 1977 and we can see some soldiers from the Rocket artillery battalion "Delmenhorst", standing in front of their Honest John. The vw 181 has the green flag in its bracket, ready for convoy driving.112 Truppe 1 Rak Art Btl 112 Delmenhorst

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Workshop manual

Still looking for one of these...intereurope

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Mike's Mutterings

Great reading! Click on the picture.Mike

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pixelart 181


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Euro 181 in Thing style

Put the striping on my car. In Europe stripings were unknown on the 181, in the US they were available at VW dealerships. So I recon I pimped my 181 US style?stripestripe2stripe3

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