Miniroute models

I missed this Ebay auction... damn. These are the prototype and mouldings from the VW 181 Miniroute. With these you could make your own models. The buyer was a frenchman, I hope he does something interesting with them.miniroutemal

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From carport to Carport Deluxe

Allways good to have a roof over your head.carportcarport2

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salagou II run

Last weekend, there was a nice looking gathering of 181s in a southern region of France. Nature, wine and 181 friends... *click on the pic* decoration

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Win a 181

Not only Drum gave those cars away (see earlier posting in Literature), in 1973 Credo deodorant gave 5 cars away. Nice car, nice smell! credo

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Door pockets

Every 181 should have at least one of these! A standard 181 doesn't have a lockable compartment (a glove box door was a scarce option and is hard to find nowadays). Allways dangerous leaving stuff in the car: photocamera, GPS, car papers... those days are over! A well made and cheap fiberglass door compartment cover is now available: ready to install, easy fix and it looks smooth. It comes with lock and 2 keys. Color grey, ready to be painted in your desired color. For more information: http://cvcomposite.skynetblogs.be/ or contact the seller: westy26@aliceadsl.fr comp1comp2comp3comp4comp5comp6comp7comp8comp9

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We all know that there was a preserie of 16 Vw type 181 in 1968. Apparently all these cars were re-used for service in the German army. At the meeting of erembodegem I met a nice chap who had some pictures in his possesion of a strange looking VW 181. No doubt about it: pictures that pre-dated the preserie: the first prototype? The doors had straight angles. It had a beetle rear view mirror and white sunvisors! Strangely enough, some of these pictures were used in an Norwegian ad for the VW 181.prototyp1

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Belgian lineup

@ the Erembodegem meeting181eremb

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