Spring Thing Fling 2009

Held rain or shine on Friday, May 15th through Sunday, May 17th at Harriman StatePark campgrounds in New York. No trophies, awards or prizes.Just a casual gathering of Thing owners to enjoy a fun weekend of camping, swaping parts and enjoying the company of fellow Thing owners. Harriman State Park is centrally located in the North East, and can be driven to from at least 8 states in less than 4 hours! The park features camp grounds for RVs, trailers and tents, as well as very affordable rental cabins. Activities will include: • Campfire meet & greet on Friday afternoon/evening (musicians bring your instruments!) • Thing parts swap meet• Thing toy swap meet for the kids (bring your own Thing toys to trade)• “Thing Widows” happy hour on Saturday afternoon • Saturday night pot luck dinner• Thing cruise through the park and then to points of interest near West Point • Thing owner group photo on Sundayspring

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