safe compartments

Now, this is very handy! Place a lid in your door which you can close with a lock. This part is so well made, it looks like a OG part. And the best thing? These covers are serial madedpcover_villard_05 and availlable in France (*click*) dpcover_villard_04

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Great! But how about that removable door?

Gepost door: Sander | 04-05-09

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for sale Can you buy these?
How Much?

Gepost door: jon | 05-05-09

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Thanks Hello,
It is the old version, a news is available, better accomplished and finished.
Soon in test in Belgium for photographs in real conditions.
Thanks PJ and Be patient, the package is soon going to arrive.

Gepost door: Tof | 05-05-09

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