Buglands view

The Erembodegem VW show (Belgium) has put the 181 in the spotlight this weekend: a gathering of 13 type 181s. I never have seen this much 181s at one meeting.I have nicked some pictures from Bugland.be (the finest VW community in Belgium). Enjoy these sweet pictures!special181special181aspecial181bspecial181cspecial181dspecial181especial181fspecial181g

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181 Show It almost was a show during a show, al those 181's at the Erembodegem catwalk...

Really enjoyed photographing these celebations Volkswagens !

Gepost door: Lays | 28-04-09

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BTW Doc, why don't you show us a picture of that fantastic exposition of 181 memorabilia?
You really are to shy?
Post it man!!! It was great.

Gepost door: ovalproductions | 06-05-09

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