Mexican flavour

A snapshot from a mexican 181 ad (1972). In all the 181 brochures I have seen, there are allways some cars in colours which were not available. What about this strange brown and the yellow/black car? Muy bien! Si! pub 1972

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Never seen this one before!!! thanks for sharing!! If you have this picture in a higher resolution I would be very interested in receiving it. Many thanks!

Gepost door: bart181 | 07-10-08

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I have sent you a link, Bart ;-)

Gepost door: doc*181 | 07-10-08

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??? The strange brown look very nice , I like it !!

Gepost door: stefan | 08-10-08

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It's always interesting to see other versions or colors, even if they didn't exist, it gives ideas.

Gepost door: Deedlit | 09-10-08

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