Just that I would like to know where visitors of this blog are comming from... Use the button on the left (mail me) and let me know your country! world

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I'm in doubt: should I say Belgium or the independent republic of Flanders euhm

Gepost door: summer ghost | 17-05-08

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yeah...the former kingdom of Belgium!

Gepost door: Doc*181 | 17-05-08

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These are the results after a week:

50% US
50% The New republic of the Free Flemings

so no Frenchies, dutchmen or Germanen?

Gepost door: Doc*181 | 18-05-08

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heey visiting from Mexico. a happy Safari 1980 owner. i have to say congratulations, you have so very usefull information and beautifull photos. id like to share some with you if you like.


juan carlos

Gepost door: juan carlos | 30-03-11

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Hello Juan Carlos,

Thanks for the kind words!

Of course I would like to share some of your photos, you can always contact me on greendoc@telenet.be

best regards

Gepost door: Pieter-Jan / Erfdeel Kluisbergen | 31-03-11

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