side by side...

vanishing in the Ardens... from rust till dust.epaves1a

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Does this place still exsist?
Bestaat deze plek nog, ik zou er graag eens een kijkje nemen!

Gepost door: Sander | 25-04-08

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A few years ago,it still excisted. The cars were in very poor condition, just wrecks.

This is the place: Leglise (Belgium)

Gepost door: Doc*181 | 26-04-08

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That would be my dream to discover such a yard...

Gepost door: Deedlit | 28-04-08

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I think it is traction sud, isn't it?

The guy is quite special and welcome you his dogs.

Gepost door: J-F | 26-06-08

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