A picture 'd'époque'... from the good old days of military service. Clearly visible are the elongated mirrors that were specific for the 181. Notice the difference between a left and a right mirror!feldjäger 181

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Twas maar om te zeggen dat ik nu ook nen blog heb, kwestie van wat volk te trekken! (a)

Gepost door: Summer ghost | 24-03-08

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Thank Merci beaucoup pour les infos concernant les questions sur mon 181. K.
Thanks a lot for information concerning questions on my 181. K.

Gepost door: K | 25-03-08

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them mirrors are Bay window bus/van mirrors on there side, the only 'trekker 181/182 thing' part is the stem extension on the wing mirror arm.

Gepost door: alex | 22-11-08

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