Sander is the winner!

It is indeed a support for a rack. The Danish army made this conversion to give their vw181's more loading capacity.Congratulations, sander!decorationdecoration

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ok... ...and there is two holes in the rear bumper...

Gepost door: Chris | 07-01-08

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yes, some extra holes to give make it strong and rigid.

A handy person could make a profit by making a reproduction of these racks.

Gepost door: Doc*181 | 08-01-08

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Was that something the Danish Army made themselves or was it something that VW made and only was installed on Danish 181s? I was poking through the BTVJ-2310-910-10 Mitlertidig betjenings vejledning for Folkevogn (VW), 4x2, M181, and found a picture that shows part of that rack on page 35.

Gepost door: Zeke | 27-06-09

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I suppose those were made by the Danish army. Haven't seen those in any VW related catalog or manual.

Gepost door: doc*181 | 27-06-09

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