181 Conspiracy: Part 2

On july 13 1973 Ralph Nader, an advisor of a US Senate subcommittee on car safety, wrote a raport to ban further importation and sale of the vw Thing because it does not comply with federal safety standards for passengers cars.

A Car Safety group, represented by Lowell Dodge, gave its Annual Automotive Engeneering Malpractice Award to Volkswagen of America.  They considered the car unsafe.  Dodge: "The  center's criticism of the Thing is not based on tests, but on common sense".   A VW  employee  asked that: "the award be recalled because several of the people handling it got splinters".  Great remark, in my opinion!

Other cars, approved under the same designation as multi-purpose and which had the same safety-standards requirements as the Thing, were no problem for the US Government.  Offcourse, these cars were all made in the US.



Soon more details: the answer from VW to Ralph Nader


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