A few years ago, i visited a 181-cemetery in the Ardennes where more than 30 vehicles were lying in the woods. I found some nice goodies (including an in mint condition fuelcanister). Sometimes I wonder what has happened with those cars since I last saw them... wrak5awrak4a

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Kubels spotted in the Ardennen Hi there mate, could you tell me where the kubels were located in the Ardennen. I really want to use that location for a photoshoot (kubel scrap-yards are very rare). If you want to keep the location secret. No problem no hard feelings. Cheers

Gepost door: Jan | 01-05-07

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hello Jan,

Those cars can be found between Neufchateau and Arlon (along the E411).
I will mail you the exact location.

Gepost door: Doc*181 | 01-05-07

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could you possibley pin poin the exsact location? coudl you pin poin the exsact location on Google maps, then screen copy it? possibly email it to me or even put it up here on you great website.


Gepost door: alex | 09-12-08

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